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the cover of the "newsweek" magazine and gosh darn it, happy days are here again. look, america is back. the remarkable tale of the economic turn-around. you can read about that and hate on the right. wow! they got it all done. there is literally nothing else we need to do here. i think we just go home and turn out the lights. i'm serious. c'mon, guys. we can go now! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. welcome to day two, the beginning of the plan. what is the plan? yeah, i just like to hear it from washington, quite honestly. it's all the changes that need to happen to keep america from going broke. these are tough changes but they have to be made. c'mon, please, the dow hit 11,000 this week. the president said we're turning the corner. didn'tp you see all the good news? yeah. yeah. this is amazing propaganda. i've never seen anything like this. from the people who told us we're all socialists now. then when i started saying it, they said, "no, no, no socialist, how dare you. what kind of a racist are you for saying he's a socialist?" now they're on this one. america is back. and in this
to redefine the role of america. the american people and people here they are not going to stand for that they want folks that will stand up for that agenda and offer an alternative. >> sean: you are running for the republican nomination, obviously. as i've watched you give speeches and i've had an opportunity to interview you, you are running as a solid conservative. what is the difference, in your mind? >> i think the conservative movement, logical home of the conservative movement is the republican party. that's when the republican party has been successful when it has been the home of free enterprise, limited government and personal individual liberty. we have to be that again. i believe is the rightful place for that movement in the american politics. free enterprise, individual , limited government those things have made us the freest in the history of the world. >> sean: when you gave your speech at cpac you talked about your family, background, your roots. one of liberty, freedom, self-reliance, opportunity. is america now becoming too much of a dependency society? are to
countries at our expense and that hurts the cause of america. >> so it's un-american? >> it hurts america. that's the point. >> why do you use language -- at least have a house committee on un-american activities that went out after the communists in early 50s 1z, late '40s. using the term un-american, i wonder about her language here. do you think it's that fundamental she's un-american and you folks from oklahoma and the oil states are pro american because you're pro oil? >> i think what you're doing here, chris, is quibble over your choice of words. >> her choice. >> i understand. >> her choice. >> the point is, people could quibble about your choice of words and, you know, spend all the time about your word selection rather than upon the issues you're talking about. the tea party is issue oriented. >> let me ask you about the applause lines at tea parties. they're inevitably about freedom, about the notion of being real americans, about american exceptionalism. these fundamental arguments with barack obama. they're not about the nuances of tax policy or trade policy or energy policy.
of america. >> so, it's un-american? >> it hurts america, that's the point. >> well, why do you use language -- at least have a house committee on un-american activities and went after the communists back in the early '50s, late '40s. i worry about her language lere. let me ask you do you think it's that fundamental that she's un-american and you folks who are from oklahoma and the oil patch states are pro-american because you're pro-oil. >> you're trying to quiver over your choice of words. >> no, her choice. >> i understand. but point is people could quibble about your choice of words, words and you know spend all the time about your word selection rather than upon the issues you're talking about. the tea party -- >> her applause line it's because let me ask you about the applause lines and all of these tea parents. inevitably about the freedom, the notion about being real american, about american exceptionalism. they're not about the nuances of trade policy, energy policy which we can all argue about. they're fundamental charges against the administration as being un-american. she uses ph
that." yes, we can, and oh, yes, we will. c'mon, let's go! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i'm such a mess today. my watch is wrong. everything. i'm a little sleepy. ben drill. so the benadryl may kick in and i may pretend to take a nap before the end of the program. this week, we are talking about things that i think that we need to do and i think we need to think about to save america from going broke. if you think america can't go broke, this show is not for you. turn it over to spongebob squarepants and walk him talk to the crab for a while because you're in denial, jack. you don't belong here. people at cato institute put together great ideas and we've been talking about them. my ideas would be a little more extreme. yes. more extreme than like today, cato will show us how to cut the department of education. i say that doesn't go far enough. we have to make a choice as people whether or not we're going to survive or not. is america going to survive? is it going to thrive? or are we going to fundamentally transform to something nobody can describe or identify? if you thin
the west, and especially in america, we typically, at least in the last year, since last june, have been talking about this issue which is an important area of conversation, the opposition and the internet and all of that. but talk about the importance of person-to-person exchange as a concept, historically but specifically within the iranian context. what works, what doesn't work. you laid out some of the conditions, but maybe if you could give summit examples, that you've done or your organization has done. and then drawing on what geneive was saying, the ways in which the internet can be a tool in some ways for person-to-person contact with people who, particularly in a climate where been discussing, where it's difficult sometimes to get these programs, difficult to get over there, difficult to do academic exchanges, et cetera. >> i just want to be clear, the kind of exchanges search for common ground has put together, carried out, artichoke with others was really before the time of all this discussions. i want to take us back to that time because this is very complicated to have a di
in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. >>> if you love finding bargains in georgetown, how about a 300,000 square foot mall? >> georgetown park will go to auction let -- next month. >> a lot of people do not walk in. >> he owns a clothing store inside georgetown park. >> it is tough. you do not get a lot of traffic, because there are too -- not too many stores open. >> at least half the retail space sits vacant. bloomingdale's backed out of plans to become the new anger store. other vendors are slow to sign leases. this results from a dispute. the mall was in foreclosure. >> the owners' hands are tied. if it is not settled, it will be the same situation. >> shoppers are not surprised. for years, a lot of the h
, look those in new york's 21st district, including my own family, to the president's family, america stands next to poland in mourning. the solidarity of the polish people in their grief is an inspiration to us all. my thoughts and prayers are with the families who lost someone. thank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from oregon rise? >> to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. defazio: the obama administration has steadfastly refused to contest the tariff of $2.4 billion levied by mexico because congress terminated the cross-border trucking program due to serious safety concerns. there is no drug testing in mexico. there are no hours of service requirements in mexico. there are no meaningful commercial driver's licenses issued in mexico to know what the record of these drivers are. congress overwhelmingly voted to terminate that program. but it's rumored the next month when the president of mexico comes, the obama administration will open the border to mexican trucks. jeopardizing the
to go along with the new design. coming up on "good morning america", a full report on the administration program to help homeowners and risk of foreclosure. if that is your "money scope report.". i am jeremy hubbard. >> if it's 44 degrees. >> still ahead on this wednesday, a landmark ruling that put strict limits on abortion. >> if today on oprah, take a trip with nate burkus to the private island of billionaire sir richard branson. that's at 4:00 on abc 7. >> it turns out that a nurse could soon end up being your doctor, with a shortage of primary-care physicians. 28 states are considering expanding the authorities of nurse practitioners. these nurses with advanced degrees what the right to practice without the watch live a doctor and the ability to prescribe narcotics. they want to be called dr.. two landmark bills signed into law in nebraska are setting the stage for a new court battle. nebraska is banning abortions based on the notice that the fetus is able to feel pain at 20 weeks. the second measure requires doctors to extensively screen women seeking abortion
about it. >>> "star wars," the fight over america's future role in space between those who fund it and those who have done it. >>> the first lady in a new role. we'll hear from her tonight. >>> growth industry. we might be a big step closer tonight to what so many consider the holy grail, keeping what's up top. >>> and richard engel reports tonight on a major reversal for the u.s. in afghanistan. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening, sometimes as you know, it's as if there are two or more americas and at least that many economies. what you're about to hear are some positive economic indicators and they may not match, in fact, they probably won't match what most folks are experiencing. in fact, part two of our lead story tonight has to do with the anger across the country. some of it focused at the two big political parties is enough to make people march on boston. first, the good news, which if true will be felt eventually. we begin tonight with nbc's mike taibbi live on wall street in new york. mike, good evening. >> reporter
afghanistan. maybe because america is less affected by these problems and russia and europe are suffering more. this is the drugs that go to our countries. and we should achieve a greater progress on that. we have similar approaches on the meast settlement. we need to create necessary conditions to -- for the creation of an independent palestinian state. so far, we are facing a lot of difficulties. until then, we cannot expect a durable and sustainable peace in the middle east. so far, the united states is taking vigorous efforts to recover the constructive process , including through proximity talks. we totally support this idea and this year, i have met with almost all of the middle east leaders. i supported indirect faux. we hosted the meeting in moscow and i hope eventually it will lead to direct negotiations. any stop in the development always brings about lagging behind. that is why our country started modernizing its economy and started the technological innovation introduction. so far, frankly, speaking, we haven't done that much. and frankly speaking, here, we would like to count on t
imposition of sanctions depends not only on the united states but also on china, and let america. -- and latin america. they are able to give results. ut middle east and what can happen over there if the nuclear program is implemented. and a nuclear conflict arises. well, that would be a gigantic catastrophe. we all can't imagine what could happen in the middle east if just one terrorist act happens there or nuclear arms is used. middle east is called middle east because it is so small it is enough for bombings to happen in one place, for it to start spreading all over the world. and that would trigger a humanitarian catastrophe and exodus of people from different countries. and the most bad thing is it will trigger the nuclear arms race. many colleagues from iran will -- arabic world that if iran gets nuclear arms, they will have no scrupeles without having it as well. and this will enlarge the nuclear club and then no summit will help if all of those countries have nuclear arms. that will open a new page in the history of humankind, which will be very sad. and i hope we will be
change. >> your voice can create the kind of america we dream about. >> then he took on one of washington's toughest issues. >> let's be the generation that says, "we will have universal health care in america." we can do that. >> what happened next surprised everyone. >> the only way they could get it through was to bribe their members. >> hundreds of millions of dollars spent on lobbying. >> very political, very aggressive at creating deals. >> those deals can be pretty smelly. >> another day, another headache for president obama. >> is this just the dirty reality of politics? >> news of a back room deal. >> all those back room deals, it's just wrong and we can do better. >> there was a wake-up call that president obama wasn't everything that they thought he was. >> the president has staked his entire first term on this. >> there's always two sides of obama. you have to lift up people, but at the end of the day, it is about deal-making. >> tonight on frontline, "obama's deal." >> what's at stake right now is not just our ability to solve this problem, but our ability to solve any proble
, it is an unfair program. it is yet another chapter in america, the bailout nation, that is co-authored by the present and by speaker pelosi. it takes $50 billion from taxpayer or borrowers the money from the chinese to bail out banks that made bad loans and to bail out many who buy more home than they could afford. speculated in residential real estate or use their home equity as an atm machine. we must remember that 94% of americans own their home outright. they rent over the our current on the mortgage and they're being asked to bail out the other 6%. it's a policy that says to the citizens who work hard, who live within their means, who saved for a rain date, you are a sucker. when you're struggling to pay your own mortgage, you shouldn't be forced to pay your neighbors as well. the program is unfair to taxpayers, according to the congressional budget office, accountability office, they say that hamp, t.a.r.p., 50 billion-dollar program will lose 100% of the taxpayer investment. although i curious a note under the majority member for this hearing under this subchapter entit
been sold in the u.s. why? because america has no limit on copper levels in beef. the report says meat containing traces of copper can reach the food supply. consumer advocates say that is a problem. >> overtime, as they accumulate, they can impact organs. they can cause organ failure. >> the usda says it cannot set standards on contaminants and drive revenues without involvement from the epa. -- and the food and drug administration. >> i do not think i want that stuff in my body. >> the national cattlemen's beef association said, while the u.s. beef supply is safe by any nations standards, and the incidence of a food safety issue is a concern. the beef industry is constantly looking for ways to improve this system. in the meantime, some people are turning to organic beef. >> i think people should stop looking for deals and by the best they can. >> a usda spokesperson says that agency will implement all the recommendations. president obama appointed of food safety working group to work on issues just like this one. >>> it looks like mexico is welcoming a high-level visitor today, first
a principal chief of the second largest indian tribe in america, first woman to do so and arguably the best leader that the tribe has had since moving to oklahoma from tennessee. she tripled the number of cherokees, she doubled tribal employment. she added dozens of programs in nutrition, social services, education, cultural awareness and, frankly, she made the cherokee nation more than it was, a force to be reckoned with. not only in northeast oklahoma, not only within the lives of its citizens, but quite frankly in indian country and in american politics. she was recognized for extraordinary achievements over her lifetime. honorary degrees, boards and foundations and, of course, again as my colleague and friend, mr. boren, said, the highest civilian award that any indian can receive, the medal of freedom. i newmanman very well. she led a life based on principles. the first one was just absolute personal integrity. one of the most honest and honorable people i ever met in my life. the second was humility. she was the most approachable person that you would ever want to know. a total lack o
'll host a cnbc special report. "taxing america" a summit focused on solutions. tune in tomorrow. >>> and up next, our in-depth coverage of the american consumer continues today. sue is first with the first of our exclusive interviews with retail ceos. sue? >> thank you, ty. >> we'll talk to the ceo of the children's place. she took over in january and she has already put in place five key initiatives and it impressed wall street. the stock is moving and we'll talk to her after the break. geico's been saving people money and who doesn't want value for their dollar? been true since the day i made my first dollar. where is that dollar? i got it out to show you... uhh... was it rather old and wrinkly? yeah, you saw it? umm fancy a crisp? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. at the same time, voilÀ, book your flight and hotel you could save up to 450 bucks. and that could come in pretty handy. where you book matters. expedia. >>> two factors pushing crude prices higher. 86.06. in addition, crude oil inventories fell unexpectedly last week
. >> reporter: president obama declared his summit succeeded in making america safer. >> we need to make concrete commitments and take tangible steps to secure nuclear materials so they never fall in thanes of terrorists who would surely use them. >> reporter: he opened his mega meeting of 47 nations with a warning. >> the risk of a nuclear confrontation between nations has gone down, but the risk of nuclear attack has gone up. >> reporter: the problem is no longer rockets carrying hydrogen bombs. it's a nuke the size of an apple in a truck or a shipping container sent by terrorists like al qaeda. and they're trying today to get that nuke. >> were they to do so, it would be a catastrophe for the world. >> reporter: chile showed off a solution last month, turning over 40 pounds of highly enriched uranium to be reprocessed in south carolina, getting it out of the reach of al qaeda. secretary of state clinton signed a deal with russia for both of our nations to reprocess tons of plutonium. >> that will ensure that this material will never again be used for weapons or any other military purp
have been sold in trust. why? because america has no limit on copper levels in beef. as a result the report says meat containing traces of the substances can reach the food supply. advocates say that is is a problem. >> over time as they accumulate in the body they can affect organs and cause organ failure. some of the residents could be carcinogen i can. >> u.s.d.a. spokesperson says the agency will implement all the reports recommendations. >>> tonight the watermain break near the hartford tunnel has been repaired. the main was fixed before 8:00 this morning. 20-inch main broke at 4:30 yesterday afternoon on keith avenue. the main was cut off quickly so water did not flood the nearby 895 avenue. >>> the weather front today no new water coming out of the sky. blue skies. sunny conditions. morning fog that was quick to burn off. look at the satellite imagery. you can see a few clouds in southern maryland. things clearing off this evening. that sets the stage for a cooloff into the night. we are at 61 at bwi marshall. rest of the evening quiet. falling in the 50s. clear skies. coo
but sunshine as we go through monday and tuesday. >> a jury found the boy scouts of america negligence in a child sex abuse lawsuit in the state of oregon. keri lewis said he was abused by an assistant boy scout master back in the 70s and 80s. his abuser told scout leaders he abused, at least, 17 boys. lewis' lawyer said the scouts kept secret files on sexual offenders. this is the first time those files have ever been used in a court of law. >> prayers are indeed answered in the state of florida 11-year-old girl missing for four days is found alive. nadya bloom found by a member of her parents church. she was helping in the search. loved ones think nadia wandered into a swamp to make a nature video and never returned. she suffers from asperger syndrome, related to awe tim. nadya was dehydrateed and with a lot of bug bites but okay according to doctors. >> next on the news at 10:00. the bills that past in the final hours of the 2010 general assembly. stay with us. things are getting downright twisted at dunkin' donuts. hurry in for our new freshly baked bagel twists, available in delic
, it will prevent nuclear proliferation and terrorism at the top of america's nuclear agenda. next month in new york, will join with nations from around the world to strengthen the cornerstone of our global efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons even as we pursue greater civil nuclear cooperation. for nations that toppled their responsibilities, peaceful nuclear energy can unlocked new medicines in agriculture and health developments. these are all connected. leadership and progress in one area reinforces progress in another. when the united states improves our own nuclear security and transparency, it encourages others to do the same as we have seen today. when the united states fulfills our responsibilities as a nuclear power committed to the mpt, we strengthen our global efforts to ensure that other nations fulfill their responsibilities i want to thank my colleagues for making this unprecedented gathering today of unprecedented progress in confronting one of the greatest threats to our global security. this work advances the security of united states and all mankind. this prevents nucl
to you but i do have to go to bank of america. let me cover that you on this principal reduction program. i think that when businesses do well we have to acknowledge it. and you should be complemented. for what you have done. >> thank you. >> there will be no demonstrations. >> tell us briefly why you see principal reduction, as a significant means by which we can impact foreclosures. >> because there are some borrowers for whom the offers that we have extended, so far, have not been generous enough. and in order to enable -- who truly want to stay in their homes -- >> let me move one step further because i'm about to lose my time. would this also impact the overall economy what you are doing? >> we believe that bring stability to neighborhoods, by ensuring those homeowners who want to stay in the homes can get to and affordable payment and have, through the vision for the future of that homeownership is important, at the same time we do believe that there are some borrowers for whom, as being able to afford staying in the home, is not a viable alternative and so we need to work with the
of a republican resurgence in america. >> sold and obviously bought as a moderate, bob mcdonnell effectively ran away from his super conservative religious right origins. yes, his graduate school thesis as he did as an adult at the university did suggest that women having jobs was something that was detrimental to the family. he also wrote that government policy should favor married couples over and i quote, cohabitate cohabitaters, homosexuals, or fornicators. now bob mcdonnell is in his 40s and he's mainstream. worry not, virginia, worry not, america. bob mcdonnell is a small government, low taxes constitution lover. he is the republican resurgence. except it is not working out that way. tonight we can report that governor bob mcdonnell is stepping back from a third rally right-wing policy position that he's taken as governor. in response to a very negative public reaction. governor mcdonnell keeps trying this stuff over and over and over again, then he gets national attention and has to dial it back and pretend he didn't mean it in the first place. last night we recorded on governor mcdonnell
for the contract from america. >>> finally, get this, a new poll shows a virtual dead heat for the 2012 presidential race between texas congressman ron paul and president obama. that is right. and another poll shows republicans lead the general ballot in november midterms. fasten your seat belts, everybody, "the kudlow report" begins right now. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. welcome back where we still believe free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity. here's my thoughts on the money politics news of the day. as i said stocks roared today. humongous v-shaped recovery for retail sales, beat everybody's expectations. a 1.6% jump in march, a 7.6% gain over the past year. those are big numbers. speaking of v-shaped recovery, we had very strong business sales. think top line revenues for corporate profits. and a solid increase for business inventories. so i'm going to stay with the v-shaped recovery theme, at least through the end of 2010 before your taxes go up. stocks had a banner day. the dow up 104 points, the s&p 500 cruised through the all important 1200 benc
then. megyn: i'm megyn kelly, this is "america live" with breaking news on the health care overhaul, in 30 seconds the biggest story since health care passed. breaking details on a massive new coast to coast push to repeal the bill. >>> plus, new warnings today about a radical group's mission to arrest the pope, see what happens if their plan goes wrong. >>> and -- >> oh yeah. >> correction. mig the secretary of defense, launching a new attack on the people who put together this tape. a video allegedly telling u.s. soldiers opening fire on what some folks claim are innocent iraqis, a closer look at the case and a fired up secretary of defense on "america live" root now. >>> this is a fox news alert, major new developments that could change everything when it comes to the health care reform battle, that's where we begin "america live" this afternoon, i'm megyn kelly. for months americans have voiced their concerns over the government's health care plan, but if you thought the fight was over, you haven't seen anything yet. a brand new effort about to be launched to repeal what is now
loud. >> yes, he did. >> we'll be right back. somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪ we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. >>> and that is 9news for tonight. don't forget we're always on at wusa9.com. >> our good friend letterman is up next. make it a good one. >> you're close friends now? [ applause ] [ grunting ] [ male announcer ] venus williams
to help homeowners isn't working. >>> and offcourse. legends of america's space prom is criticizing the president, saying new plans for nasa would be devastating to the nation. >>> good morning. and thanks for being with us. we begin this morning with breaking news from china, where hundreds are dead after a series of strong earthquakes. >> the largest quake struck a remote area of china's qinghai province, not far from tibet. clarissa ward joins us from china this morning. good morning, clarisa. >> reporter: officials are concerned that the death toll could rise above the 300 where it currently stands. many are buried beneath their houses. the first quake took place at 7:49 a.m., when most people are still in their homes. it was followed by three, strong aftershocks. the largest was a magnitude of 6.3. and in the town near the epicenter, there are reports that 85% of buildings are down. we heard off of the state broadcaster here, an interview with the police official on the ground. he said he was in a school compound. and there were students buried under the rubble. and they were d
of ohio. without objection. ms. kaptur: madam speaker, this past saturday, one of america's longest and strongest ally, the republic of poland, suffered a horrendous loss. a plane carrying 97 passengers crashed in russia, including polish president, the first lady , a man who led a government in compile during the communist era, the deputy speaker of poland's parliament, the head of the national security bureau, the deputy minister of foreign affairs, the army chief of staff, along with the president of poland's national bank, and a host of other public service -- servants, including an activist who started a strike that led to the formation of solidarity. all modern leaders of the polish nation, they were mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, proud all, now logs to -- to this -- lost to this life but not to history. yet again, the forest embraces the collective tragedy of poland's precious leaders. the doomed plane was flying to russia to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the massacre, when more than 22,000 polish officers and leaders were murdered at the
for being the most fuel efficient car company in america, well, then how do you explain all this? chevy malibu, cobalt, silverado, and the all-new equinox. compare them to anyone. may the best car win. >>> these are the stories that we are following at this hour. >> boston, if anyone knows how to throw a tea party, it is you. >> partying like it's 1773. sarah palin leading a new boston tea party. the kickoff to a series of tax day protests nationwide. >>> president obama trying to keep democrats united would pass a bill to keep wall street in line as republicans claim it just leads to a huge government slush fund. and the toughest antiimmigration law ever. one state passing a bill that advocates for illegal immigrants have said so far goes too far. >>> plus a looming shortage of doctors. could your primary care physician be an endangered species? good day. i'm peter alexander in new york. this breaking news is coming to us from south boston, massachusetts. these are the latest live pictures we are getting in the msnbc newsroom right now. a crane as you can see has collapsed at a constru
on the moon. they say the plan could be, quote, devastating for america's space program. nbc's veteran space correspondent joins us from merritt island, florida, via skype. thanks for joining us. this is obviously not a black and whitish unite because you have buzz aldren also an astronaut icon siding with the president's plan. what's going on? >> that is correct. buzz came out for the president's plan about a month ago. but what it is, is there's a lot of people here, most people, a lot of them think that the president has a lot of good ideas. they're all for some of the things that he's doing. there's good reasons for doing commercial, all of the stuff he's talking about, but what they are concerned about is for the past six years they have worked on the aires rockets and they have them pretty well under way and everything has gone fine, all the tests, all of this. and they cannot understand why the president wants to cancel this program that will cost according to nasa's own figures, $12 billion to $16 billion to cancel it and will have nothing. if he would go ahead, say these people, and
's not a whole lot the united states of america can do. and we are not going to impose any kind of peace upon palestine and israel and that is that. it was a surprising, considering what we've been reading, chris, about the possibility of the united states might lay out what we think are the basic outlines of a just and lasting peace. my guess today would be we're not going to do it. >> the question i guess is for the israelis to answer. they have to answer it in the first instance before we get to it. we could suggest an alternative over there. mr. mayor, it seems to me this is the challenge. israel has to unite the moderate arab world such as it is. jordan, the saudis, the egyptians, all the emirates. it has to get them on their side against iran in terms of iran's nuclear threat. they can't do that step unless they can find something over palestine, right? so the irony is they may have to give something in terms of the middle east situation in order to build the kind of armada, if you will, diplomatic armada they need to shut down the iranian nuclear threat. do you think that's a tradeoff
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they have to protect america by rising up against their commander in chief rather than following the orders of the commander in chief should produce great anxiety for us. on the other hand, as progressives, we have to care about the question of conscience. and so we have to be worried about wanting soldiers to also be human beings. and so i think we have to be really careful about what elements of this particular piece within the military we denounce. >> right. but now -- are we to be more encouraged by -- more discouraged by the fact that representative and an elected representative is connected into this? or this military officer was connected? is that more discouraging than it is encouraging that there was such a -- as we said before -- hasty retreat? such a blowback that the military officer had to bend over backwards to indicate he's not going to get himself shot for treason? >> absolutely. it's always a good thing to see the retreat. but i am deeply concerned about the fact that elected leaders are encouraging movements against the federal government. listen, you know, secession is re
, to high stakes terror trials. good morning, i'm bill hemmer, big day in "america's newsroom". martha: good morning bill and good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum on this wednesday morning, our nation's top law enforcement official is expected to take quite a barrage of questions from lawmakers today. it's going to be very interesting. bill: the topic list grows by the month. senator orrin hatch, he leads our broadcast, senator, welcome back here. you have stated that eric holder has made dramatic mistakes. name one. >> well, you know, just with regard to enemy combatants, he wants to give them the same constitutional rights as american citizens. i don't agree with that, i think they're enemy combatants. he wants them tried by civil courts, rather than by military commissions. he wants to close down guantanamo. i think we've got $200 million in guantanamo. so it's a perfect place to try them, it's offshore, it's safe. they just built a $75 million courtroom to take care of it. and i think those things are wrong. secondly, a number of people are very upset at the way he did not discl
, for corporate america. >> stuart varney, the host of varney & company on fox business network. thanks. >> thank you, jon. >> details on a heart-warming story we watched unfold here yesterday. florida rescuers bringing the 11-year-old girl, nadia bloom, to safety after she was lost for days in a swamp infested with alligators. and a man from her family's church found her and called 911. and he says god led him to the little girl, here's some of the emergency call. take a listen: >> i'm the girl that got lost. >> are you okay, not hurt in any way. >> i'm okay. >> i'm one of the people from the police department, stay on the -- stay with that man. and we will have somebody come to you, right now. >> the doctors treated her for injuries and she had bug bites and dehydration and is said to be doing okay. want to get to breaking news, the president has been meeting on financial regulation as you heard stu reference, let's take a listen. >> president barack obama: what we are seeing i think is significant improvement in the economy and stabilization but obviously everybody be here, republican and demo
that brought these 50 states together to form this great united states of america. allow it to fall fresh among this great governing body as they make decisions affecting over 300 million americans. father, at this time we join our hearts, minds and spirits for our fellow miners in west virginia who have suffered a great loss in the midst of tragedy. out of the depths of our pressing need, praying that i will draw near onto us during this dark hour of time in jesus name, amen. the speaker: the chair has examined the journal of the last day's proceedings and announces to the house her approval thereof. pursuant to clause 1 of rule 1 the journal stands approved. the pledge of allegiance will be led by the gentleman from alabama, mr. griffith. mr. griffith: i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker: without objection, the gentleman from west virginia, congressman rahall, is recognized for one minute. mr. rahall: thank you, madam speaker. madam speaker, it
: as america becomes more permissive do parents know what is happening on spring break. >> people come here to lose their virginity. >> bill: we'll have a special report. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the government wants your money. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo as we have been reporting america is broke. not only do the feds owe $13 trillion but cities and towns all over the u.s.a. are going bankrupt. for example in los angeles, murder investigations have stopped as detectives are being sent home to balance out overtime costs. in ohio, ashtabula county authorities have cut so many cops from the payroll they are telling citizens to arm themselves that they can't protect them. in colorado springs, a third of the streetlights have been turned off. residents are being asked to donate money to get the lights back on. and in chicago heights, illinois, emergency services may charge you if you need help. recently a guy involved in an accident, not his fault, wa
powertrain warranty. with roadside assistance and courtesy transportation, it's the best coverage in america. >>> i'm tamron hall. right now on msnbc news, tea party express in boston. palin just welcomed the big crowd there. there's one notable republican you will not be seeing at this event. >>> the president versus the space hero. some of america's most famous astronauts, including the first man to walk on the moon are criticizing the plan to reinvent the space program. >>> new leads in the case of a 6-year-old florida girl. police requestioned the last person to see haleigh alive. divers back searching a river. >>> bungling burglar while trying to make his getaway he falls not once, not twice, not five times but seven times. >>> former alaska governor sarah palin is on the stage right now, the latest stop on the tea party express. organizers expecting thousands to participate in this event. at the boston common tomorrow they will have another massive rally, that one on capitol hill on tax day. nbc news political reporter, what do we make scott brown, supported by the tea party, very popu
, looking to hammer home the idea that america has to do something. >> make no mistake, if iran achieves a nuclear weapons capability, it will not be because we couldn't stop it but because we chose not to stop it. >> shepard: that's up for debate. the problem is that administration officials generally say a military strike against iran would only set the nuclear program back. it would not stop it. this debate all the more urgent in light of the warnings we heard repeated today that iranians could have a nuclear bomb within a year. but couldn't use it until much later, even if that does happen. our chief correspondent for "the fox report" from new york. if they did get it within a year they couldn't use it right away. >> no, they couldn't. most experts agree it would take them another three years to get it to a form in which they could deliver it as a weapon. in other words, miniature rise it enough to put it on the head of a missile that news comes as we also learn today slightly worrying development that iran's nuclear reactor at the power plant will be ready to open in august. that wo
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